Morning Musing

Morning Musing

This painting is currently available.

Mixed Media on wood panel.

36 x 36 x 2

Sides are painted black for a finished look.

 I love living in New York and  I love my little Brooklyn apartment, however, I don’t love my work space.

The other day I walked to my local art store, hoping they would have the wood panels that I needed and they didn’t. They told me I could order online so I went to their online site and they had a sale that could save me a significant amount of money on large panels — I ordered 24 panels. I really don’t know what I was thinking when I ordered that many boards, other than I really needed to save the money and I’m tired of looking for what I need. Two days later a truck arrived with 8 large, heavy boxes that were promptly dumped into the first floor hallway. Josh, The Director, helped me carry some of the load up the four flights of stairs to our apartment. When my husband, The Composer, got home he managed to get the rest of the boxes around the corner to our storage unit. They’re both amazing!

I tucked panels into any space around the apartment that I could find so that I wouldn’t have to run to storage every time I want to start a new painting. They take up more space than I would like but I really don’t have a choice.

Now, the thing that frustrates me the most is that it takes so long to process a painting. I have a foldable table that I place in the living room but first I have to push the ottoman into our tiny bedroom. Then I cover the floor, the table and the couch with canvas drop clothes so that I don’t ruin anything. Then, with the help of The Director we gesso and prepare the boards. Yesterday, we managed to finished only two after totally rearranging the apartment. Then we carefully put everything back in its place and pushed the ottoman back into the living room. This took all day!

Painting is also difficult.  I love that fact that I have a window that looks out to Manhattan and I can see the Empire State Building but we had to put an air conditioner unit in the window and few things happened: it stole some of my light, the air dries out my paints quickly and now I have to sit right in front of the cold air or turn the air off and let the apartment heat up. UGH! These issues go on and on.

I have an artist friend who is very successful. When I met her she was painting in a closet in her parents home.  She was showing her beautiful work in gallery shows. Eventually, I saw her buy a beautiful home/art studio.  So, I think of her and try to remind myself that I can do this. Eventually that studio space I need will manifest but until it does,  I tell myself in the voice of Dory, “Just keep painting, Just keep painting”. 

I think it’s easy to allow obstacles to stop us from following our dreams.  I had a million excuses why I couldn’t do this or I couldn’t do that in days past.  I would tell myself that I didn’t have the money,  there wasn’t enough time in the day, I probably wouldn’t be good at it, blah, blah, blah.  There was always a reason that I couldn’t do it, until I decided that it was something I really, really wanted.  When I made the decision to do it in spite of all the obstacles, things began to change. I still had no paint, no brushes, no money, but then I found myself surrounded by wonderful people who started helping me, teaching me, and giving me the things I needed to get started. Opportunities came when I decided to just go for it!

Well, that was my morning musings and now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’m feeling much better!  I’m ready to paint!

If you have any questions about this painting feel free to contact me.




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