The Sun is Going to Shine

The Sun is Going to ShineThis painting is currently available!

Mixed Media on 2″ deep cradle wood panel

36 x 36 x 2


It’s been a long couple of weeks as I’ve struggled in my small studio space. Finally, I came up with a plan to help me work more efficiently. It involved buying an easel that would hang on the wall and take up very little space, and purchasing some Ikea book shelves that would give me additional storage space. Living and working in a small Brooklyn apartment requires and patience a lot of creativity. We ordered the first easel and the bookshelves in order to begin implementing my new plan. Both took a week to arrive. I ordered six “Billy” bookcases that would line the entire hallway where our kitchen is. My plan was to install 2 wall easels over the bookcases allowing me to use every inch of space left in our tiny abode.

Ikea gave us a delivery window between 11 and 3pm. The clock struck 3pm and still no delivery so we called. They were running late and would arrive now between 5-7 pm. Why even have a delivery widow? They finally arrived and we opened the first box and quickly put it together and then we opened the second and found it badly damaged, the third damaged, and on and on. Out of six bookcases, three were usable. Of course, we can’t just load them up in the car and return them, no, we have to have someone come back out and pick them up.

I was incredible disappointed by this, yet another delay and hassle. My dear, sweet, husband spent hours on the phone working out a pick-up. We opted to just keep the good ones and return the damaged ones giving me three shelves instead of six. Instead of doing to right thing and refunding us the money, they mailed a gift card and told us if we wanted a refund we would have to go back to the store. This involves a 45 minute trip on a bus. That’s a story in itself and needless to say, I’m done with IKEA. Urghhhhh!!

Next, the easel comes. I was thrilled because I was dying to get my studio in working order. The easel was supposed to hold a canvas up to 40″ long, but guess what? They sent the wrong pieces and it only goes 34″ long, so I can’t use it!!! We contacted the manufacturers and they helped us get the right thing, but it took another week to get it.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all this mess, I stub my toe and break it. Great!!! That’s all I needed in a city that I have to walk miles and miles in.

It was turning into a really bad week and I was losing it by this time but I’m so blessed to have a husband that loves me and cares for me. Step by step he helped me through the difficulties and kept me calm and wiped my tears. He helped me solve each problem as it came and I can’t sing his praise enough! He ran errands, assembled my bookshelves and my easel. He spent hours on the phone getting things worked out and kept hugging me and telling me everything was going to be okay.

Now, I have one easel up and I’ve already started a new painting. I love my new space and I think it’s going to work really well. I’m going to purchase a second easel and hang them side by side. This will allow me to have multiple paintings going at once or combine them for one large work. I moved my large bulky easel to a corner in the living room, it’s no longer blocking our path to the hallway. I’ll place paintings on it to dry or use it to photograph paintings. I have a much better work flow now.

The truth is, I still need a studio but I think this will get me through until I can find and afford a space in NYC.

2 thoughts on “The Sun is Going to Shine

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about all your problems. Have you thought about moving back to wonderful Colorado? It seems so difficult for you in NY. Is it worth it? Your art is great, You have tremendous talent. Best of luck. .

    • Patricia, I love Colorado but I’m totally in love with NYC! Yes, it was totally worth it, New York is amazing! I’ve lived in 6 states and New York is by far my favorite place. It’s inspiring in a million ways and yet it is difficult. Living without a car is a challenge, but having a car would be even more difficult. I love my small apartment, but working in it has been difficult.The rent for a studio is crazy, so I would rather make my space work for me. Most NYC artists live and work with the same challenges I do. A lot of it is just adjusting and learning how to make it work. It’s, in some ways, like moving to a foreign country. You have to learn a new way of living.Yet, for all of this, I would rather be here than anywhere else.

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