This painting is currently available.

Mixed media on cradled wood panel

36 x 36 x 2


Boundless, untold, inexhaustible, immeasurable…words I love. I’m a dreamer and I love to think that anything is possible. We live, however, in a world where dreamers are not always well received. Some people love to shove a good dose of reality into the face of a dreamer.

“You can’t be an artist, you’ll never be able to make enough money.” or “You’re not talented enough to be an actor, find a real job.”

How many times have I heard someone tell my creative family what they won’t be able to do.

This painting is dedicated to the dreamers, the ones that find a boundless place of imagination and passion and creativity and choose to dwell there. Thank you for reminding us that anything is possible!

20170115-IMG_0439 20170115-IMG_0443 20170115-IMG_0450



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