The Artwork



Story and character is where I find inspiration  (The Director is rubbing off on me),  and I love a good mystery.  I think abstract painting provides a good mystery.  I don’t want to give the viewer too much information; I want people to see their own story within the painting.

For me, art should come from an emotional place.  Technical understanding is important, skill is required, but passion really moves me.  I love art that comes from the heart and soul of  a person.  I love art that makes me feel, make me think and makes me react in some way, and so I try to encompass that in my own work.  I find inspiration in my memories of the past, in my dreams for the future and in the stories of people around me.

The paintings you see here are available for purchase at, I’ve also made prints available as well.

If you live outside the USA, you can purchase my work on Saatchi.  They’ll see to it that the paintings get safely through customs.

If you have any questions about the work, feel free to contact me.





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