Life Together

Life Together


20 x 20 x 1.5

Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

This has been a difficult week.  One of our college friends passed away suddenly of heart failure.  He was the husband of my college room mate, best friend, and matron of honor at my wedding.  They were in Colorado recently and we had the opportunity to spend some time with them.  It was a shock to receive the news.   This is the second time one of our college friends has become a widow.  Each time, I’ve become painfully aware that life is short and how important it is to treasure our loved ones.

As I write this blog, my husband sits across the room working on his computer.  I’m sentimental about him.  I look at his face and think about how blessed I am that he’s sitting there across from me.  I want to just hold him and tell him to never leave me, but no one can make that kind of promise.  We don’t how long we have.  We hope to grow old together, to live to be a 100 and then die together in our sleep, but that’s not always how life goes.  And so, I realize that I have to focus on “now” and live each moment to the fullest, not taking for granted our life together.


SelfieOil on canvas

20 x 20

So I debated about whether or not to post this one or not.  I’m not one for taking pictures of myself much less a painting of myself, but I decided, what-the-heck, post it.  First I’ll say, I like the painting.  It turned out exactly the way I planned it.  It’s colorful and fun and I captured the things about myself that I wanted to.  But, painting myself meant that I would have to take a good look at myself.  It’s not that I’m not familiar with the photo that I used to paint from, it’s my profile pic.  It’s that fact that I don’t like to look too hard at myself because that’s when the critical stuff starts happening.  I become self conscience of my square face, my squinty eyes and half a dozen other flaws.  I start picking myself apart and…well…that’s not healthy.

I made a decision when I started this painting that I wouldn’t judge the girl too harshly.  If you focus on the fact that you have a big nose, you’ll end up exaggerating that feature and making it even bigger than it actually is.  I tried to focus on the positive, like my eyes may be small, but in this photo, they look happy.  I wanted it to be supper colorful and energetic.

So, this is the result.  My lesson: Stop being so hard on yourself!  Not just about your physical appearance, but your painting skill and everything else about yourself.  Take a deep breath. just relax and accept yourself exactly the way you are!