Shadow Dance

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Shadow Dance

Digital Photography

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Photography was my first love.  It’s the thing that started this journey to become an artist.

Many people have asked me if I would make photography available on my website and the answer is: Yes!!!  I’ve uploaded several pics and plan to add more.

This picture is very special to me.  When we were living in Tulsa we had a very close relationship with our next door neighbors.  This is their oldest child.  She’s so talented and beautiful and once played the lead role in a film The Director made.  At the time, I was just learning to use the camera and I asked if her mother if I could do a photo shoot with her in downtown Tulsa.

When we arrived at the location there was another photographer doing a photo shoot in MY spot!  We had to wait until they were done and time was wasting, the sun was going down!  As I rushing to set up my shot on another wall, I looked over to see this.  My little model was playing with her shadow on the wall and the sun was going down.  I turned the camera and grabbed the shot.  It was perfect.  To this day it is my favorite picture of the tens of thousands I’ve taken.

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