Wings…but I Can’t Fly


Woke up this morning and fixed some hot tea, opened the shades in my studio and watched the snow fall.  It was a peaceful, cozy morning and perfect painting weather (indoors).

This painting was inspired my a comment I received on Facebook about my last painting, Arrival.

Tonya wrote:  “It’s a picture of me. I have my wings, I’m trying to shake off the dust of depression but the wings won’t lift me up.”

Wow, I thought that was really powerful.  I was thinking of her this morning as I painted because I so relate to what she said. I have felt, at times, that I have all the equipment but for some reason I just can’t get off the ground.

I have to remind myself that these wings were meant for flight and that one day they will take me where I want to go.  I just have to shake off the dust and learn to fly.



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