Pure Joy

abstract figurative, green, mixed media, joy, freedom expressive painting



For me pure joy equals freedom.  Freedom from worry, stress, unrealistic expectations (mostly my own), fear, and doubts.  Freedom to create, to enjoy what I create, and to share it with others.  When I planned this painting, I knew I wanted to express how I feel when my doubts and fears fall away and I see clearly the path I’m suppose to take.  As I painted it, I wanted to feel free to create from a place deep inside, not worried about what others might think about it.

I used the color green because it reminds me of spring, when everything is new and blossoming.  That’s how it feels when your unencumbered by the world and all of its problems.

The surface is very textured because I used sand in the paint.  Sand represents the beach, a place a rarely see.  I love to walk on the beach and listen to the crashing of the waves.  I can walk for miles and not even realize how far I’ve gone.  It’s always a place of freedom, de-stressing, and renewal for me.  I should get there more often!  So, sand is also a part of this painting.

I’m challenging myself to look for ways to express my heart and emotions more in my artwork.  This is a first attempt to just let go and let my heart do the talking.  I’m looking forward to exploring more like this.


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