abstract figurative, dancers, vivid color, ballet,

Unreserved— not restricted; frank; open; candid; sincere. 

I love to engage with an artist that holds nothing in reserve, who fearlessly give everything to their craft.  We recently caught the film, “August: Osage County”, with Meryl Streep.  Everyone knows that Meryl Streep is a phenomenal actress but this particular performance blew me away.  She was completely fearless, truthful, and …unreserved.

This abstract figurative painting is about a dancer who is fearless.  She knows who she is and she’s comfortable in her own skin.  Her love for her art moves her across the floor and when she dances the audience can feel her emotion.  I painted her center in orange and red to speak of her courage and her passion.

She reflects my own desire as an artist to be unreserved with each stroke of my paintbrush.  I want to be completely open and frank with my audience.  I desire the courage of Meryl Streep to be fearless as I create.  And finally, I desire that my own “performance” can touch the heart of my audience.


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