abstract figurative, dancer, movement, blue, contemporary art


When I was a toddler (so I’ve been told), my family was shopping in a major department store, in the TV section, when The Beatles came on The Ed Sullivan Show (a repeat).  I heard the music and started dancing, causing the other shoppers to stop and watch me. (I was so cute!)  The point of my story is that I loved dancing.  I’m not sure why I was never given ballet lessons, but I wish I had.

When I was in my late 20’s, I finally took my first ballet class.  Of course, it was too late to begin a dance career, and I quickly realized that I would never have been a professional dancer, but I fell passionately in love with ballet.  I even had the opportunity to lead a church dance team for a time.

Not only did I love to dance, but I soon discovered that I loved to choreograph dance.  It was like having a giant canvas that I could paint on!

My time dancing was short as injuries took over and my body refused to move as it once did.  Now, I’ve got a new passion, but I have a feeling dance will always continue to be a part of my creative spirit.


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