Character Introduction

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My son, The Director, is currently in the process of writing his next script.  The process of writing seems to be a grueling task for many writers.  It’s a huge undertaking to develop characters, design a plot, and to develop a scene that is going to visually interesting.  I admire my son’s courage as he takes on his first full length story.

So, “The Director” meets the characters in his imagination and gives them a story.  He completes the script but the characters are still not fully developed. Next, he begins the process of pre-production on the film, finding the right actor to play the part.  When the actor is chosen we finally have a face to match the character, but the process isn’t complete yet.  The actor then takes the script and develops the character more fully, giving them a back story, finding out what their motivations, and understanding their character in an intimate way. The character is then given a wardrobe, hair style and make-up that matches his/her unique personality.

Finally, the filming begins, the director and the actors start to do the work of really make these characters come alive on-screen.

I find the whole process fascinating and it was the thing that I was contemplating as I painted these characters.  I like to give my viewer the opportunity to do some character development as well.  I leave my figures abstract to encourage the viewer to give a story to the characters or to place themselves in the scene.

This painting is currently available, you can purchase it by clicking the link below.

24 x 36 x 1.5

Oil on gallery wrapped canvas with the sides painted black for a finished look.  A frame is not required.

$1500 free shipping within the USA  (additional shipping for Alaska and Hawaii)

Contact me if you have any questions.

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