Creative Energy

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The abstract paintings I’ve been working on over the past week have energized my creative juices.  One leads to another and I’ve got lots of new ideas for more.  I love paintings that cause you to want to reach out and touch them!

Speaking of touching a painting, have you ever been tempted to touch the art in a museum.  When I was homeschooling The Director, we studied a unit about Auguste Rodin.  The local museum had quite a few “Rodin” pieces so we went to visit.  I was talking and teaching about the sculpture and I absent-mindedly touch it.  The security guard approached me and asked me, very nicely, not to do that.  I apologized.  I went on talking about the sculpture and I did it again!! I touched it! It was like I couldn’t control myself!  Once again, the security guard came over and I laughed and told him I was so sorry, he smiled and again reminded me not to touch.  Finally, I had to move a safe distance from the statue in order to control myself.

I guess the point is, if you buy one of these abstracts, you’ll be able to touch them as often as you like!  LOL!


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2 thoughts on “Creative Energy

  1. Love knowing what goes through an Artists mind as they create and yes, I actually got yelled at for touching a Monet but at least I can say “I touched a Monet!!!! Nah-Nah!” 🙂

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