Against The Odds

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We’re a family of big dreamers and what I’ve discovered is that “dreaming big” comes with resistance on two fronts.  The first is the natural circumstance and obstacles you have to overcome when you have a dream.  This one comes with the territory and generally doesn’t bother us too much.

The second resistance is tougher, I think.  It’s the voices around you telling you ” you can’t do it, it won’t happen, you want the impossible.”  People are happy to tell you that the odds are against you, but, as Han Solo said to C3P0, “Never tell me the odds!”  What do the “odds” really matter anyway?  The odds are you won’t become President, tell Barack Obama that!  The odds are your band won’t make it, tell U2 that!

Someone is going to make it and it might as well be you!

Sometimes I think every decision my household makes is “against the odds”!  We’re born risk takers, pioneers, and big dreamers.  So, everyday we try to move a little closer to our dreams.  I paint, my husband writes music, my son works on his script.  We educate ourselves, we practice, we work, we push forward.

If you stop pursuing your dreams because you think the odds are against you, you’ll never see your dreams fulfilled– you’ll never have the life you really wanted.

This painting spoke to me during the process.  I see this figure pushing against the wind (resistance), leaving the comfort of home, and setting out on an adventure.  The orange represents the strength it will take to make the journey.  The blue is the calm she has within because she knows that the risk is worth it.

Don’t let the circumstances or the nay-sayers stop you from pursuing your dreams.  Go against the odds!!  You might just become the person no one thought you’d be!



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