Once Upon a Time

abstract figurative painting, red, green, fairly tale, woods, forest, contemporary figurative, oil painting on canvas,

I’m one of those people who still believes in “magic” and that “dreams come true” and that “happily ever after” really does exist.  It may be silly, but I’m a believer and I’m always sad when I meet someone who has lost that sense of wonder and magic in their lives.  They’ve been wounded and life didn’t go the way they thought it would, so a little part of them has died, the part that once thought life could be amazing.

I’ve had my share of heartbreak and disaster and I’m well aware that life is not always happy, yet in every fairy tale there is heartbreak, disaster, an evil witch, a terrible curse, etc…  But, our heroes overcome the obstacles and they fight for their “happily ever after”.

My hope is that the ones I’ve known who have lost the magic in their lives, will rediscover just how amazing life can be.


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