Change of Season

abstract figurative, contemporary artwork, fall, autumn, warm colors, oil on canvas, yellow,


Oil on Canvas

20 x 10


Change is in the air and I love it.  I grew up in Cincinnati where there were four seasons and things were always changing. For a time, I lived in California and in Texas and while living there I always longed for the changing seasons I knew growing up.  For me change is necessary, I thrive on it.  When things don’t change, I become restless and bored.  I’m always looking forward to what’s next, what’s new, what exciting.

I know many people who hate change, my husband isn’t a big fan of it.  He likes routine. He likes knowing what to expect from life and my thirst for change certainly can challenge him from time to time.  For instance, I move the furniture around when he’s not at home knowing that when he walks in the door, he’s going to give me that look. : )  I can’t help it, I have to keep it fresh.

I think this is true of my art as well.  I have to keep it new, I have to try something different, otherwise I feel stagnant and I don’t like that feeling.

How about you, do you love change or would you rather keep life on an even keel?

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