SelfieOil on canvas

20 x 20

So I debated about whether or not to post this one or not.  I’m not one for taking pictures of myself much less a painting of myself, but I decided, what-the-heck, post it.  First I’ll say, I like the painting.  It turned out exactly the way I planned it.  It’s colorful and fun and I captured the things about myself that I wanted to.  But, painting myself meant that I would have to take a good look at myself.  It’s not that I’m not familiar with the photo that I used to paint from, it’s my profile pic.  It’s that fact that I don’t like to look too hard at myself because that’s when the critical stuff starts happening.  I become self conscience of my square face, my squinty eyes and half a dozen other flaws.  I start picking myself apart and…well…that’s not healthy.

I made a decision when I started this painting that I wouldn’t judge the girl too harshly.  If you focus on the fact that you have a big nose, you’ll end up exaggerating that feature and making it even bigger than it actually is.  I tried to focus on the positive, like my eyes may be small, but in this photo, they look happy.  I wanted it to be supper colorful and energetic.

So, this is the result.  My lesson: Stop being so hard on yourself!  Not just about your physical appearance, but your painting skill and everything else about yourself.  Take a deep breath. just relax and accept yourself exactly the way you are!

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