Raining in Soho

Raining in SohoSOLD!

This is a self-portrait. Recently, I found myself in Soho, on a cobblestone, street enjoying the rain. I love to walk in the rain, but I confess, I haven’t done it very often in the past. I’m so use to hopping in the car and driving in the rain. Now that I live in New York, I walk. It doesn’t matter what the weather, I’m outside living in it.

Walking with an umbrella is a bit tricky in the city. For instance, when you’re at a crosswalk and the light turns to “walk” and you find yourself right in the middle of a bunch of umbrellas coming from the opposite direction…watch out! You can lose an eye if you’re not careful!  There’s also the awkwardness of trying to open your umbrella as you’re coming up out of the subway and trying not to hit anyone as you do.

Fortunately, I haven’t found myself in a terrible storm yet, the kind that destroys your umbrella. Hopefully, I’ll be able to duck inside a movie theater or mall when that storm comes!

I’m loving life in the city.

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    • Hi Annabelle,

      It’s 24 x 18 inches and .5 inches deep. The sides are painted black and it comes ready to hang or it can be framed. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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