Let the Music Begin

mixed media painting, dancer, ballerina, This painting is currently available.

Mixed media on wood panel

40 x 30 x 1


When we were living in Denver we read a book together by choreographer Twyla Tharp called “The Creative Habit”. It inspired and encouraged our little creative family. Not long after we moved to New York, I jumped at the opportunity to purchase tickets to see “Three Dances” by Twyla Tharp at the Joyce Theater in Chelsea.

The Composer (my husband) opted to go to another event, for composers, the night of the performance leaving me and The Director (my son) to go on our own.

It was a perfect summer evening as we arrived at the theater! We met a lady outside the theater who asked if we might have an extra ticket, so I gave her The Composer’s extra ticket. She in turn showed me how to score Broadway tickets at a discount on her phone. We had amazing seats in the center about 5 rows back from the stage, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled with the performance.

Afterwards, we walked down to one of our favorite Italian Restaurants in Chelsea. We opted for seating on the sidewalk so we could “people watch”.  We ate fabulous food and talked about the show and marveled about our new life in New York. We saw several of the dancers who had been in the show walk past us on their way home. The Composer texted that he was finished with his event and would catch a train and meet up with us at the restaurant.

The Composer arrived just in time to pay the bill and then we walked down the street to get ice cream. From there it was a short walk to the subway. What a wonderful night!

This past week, a bomb went off in Chelsea, and fortunately no one was seriously injured. If you attend the Joyce Theater tonight, you’ll see people on the streets, people eating at our restaurant, people living life. New Yorkers may feel unsettled after this event, but they’ve made a choice not to allow fear to dominate their lives. The people in this city are really quite amazing.

I’m inspired not only by the amazing creative talent that dwells here but also the courage and fortitude of the people of this city.

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