New Beginnings

The house is nearly empty and tomorrow morning we’ll pick up the U-Haul and load it up with what little we’ve decided to take with us.  It’s quiet in the house as we sift through the last bits and pieces.  In the quiet, we’ve been reflecting on our time in Denver and in this house.

cropped-20131208-IMG_527012.jpgDenver has been a place of healing, restoration and inspiration to us. This house- a place of piece and joy that ultimately financed the next leg of our journey. We’re going to miss it.

We’re so very tired –it’s been a very stressful few months.  The house sold, then the buyer backed out, then it sold again with a contingency that the buyers house sold. Then their deal fell through and they put their house back on the market but within a couple of days we were back under contract and this time is all worked out.  Meanwhile, we sold our car, rented a car, made hotel reservations, U-Haul reservations, and began the process of purging and packing.

The move to NYC is filled with all sorts of obstacles and details that none of our moves have ever had before. It’s complicated and very stressful.  There have been times when none of us were sleeping well, worried about a million things and wondering if we were crazy to make a move like this. Have I mentioned how STRESSED OUT we’ve been? Anyway…

It’s scary but we’re so excited when we think about what opportunities may be waiting for us on the other side. “The Director” has already come up with a brilliant idea for a new project when he gets to the city and “The Composer” has made some awesome contacts. As for me, I’ve sold three paintings just in time to get them shipped before they were packed.  The extra money will come just as we are resettling into our new space. So good things are beginning to happen even now.

I haven’t painted in months and I don’t know how long it will be until my studio is back up and running. At first, I was terrified about not painting for a long time, and then I was worried about not finding the studio space I needed to work, and then I was nervous about finding my place in the New York Art scene. I was just terrified and overwhelmed about the whole thing!!!  But, I’ve gotten past some of that, and now I’m beginning to dream about new inspiration that I’ll find in the city.  I’m thinking about how cool it could be to have a studio space in a building with other artists. I’m excited about having access to museums and galleries and classes.  I’m not so afraid anymore.  I think it’s going to all work out.

It’s our last night here and tomorrow our adventure begins.  I’ll see you on the other side!