Kill Your Darlings



“Kill your darlings” is an expression, used by writers, meaning to get rid or delete parts of your story that you may love, but it doesn’t serve the whole.  A writer has to be willing to edit that beautiful, poet sentence that she’s so proud of because it doesn’t take the story in the right direction!  I learned this from “The Director”.

I worked on a large painting for most of this past week only to realize that it just wasn’t working for me.  It wasn’t taking me where I want to go as an artist.  I worked so hard on it and even spent time filming it for a story that I wanted to accompany it.  I had big plans for that painting. But, in the end, I had to kill it.

I cried.  I really did cry!  It’s so frustrating to work so hard on something only to feel like you failed.  “The Composer” and “The Director”, my husband and son, did their best to cheer me up and encourage me.  It’s so great to live with other artist  who understand.

I’ve got some new ideas for this canvas and I’m hoping for the best.  Hopefully, I’ll have something I’m happy with in the next couple of days.