Miss Maddie


I have a Facebook friend that’s a writer, her name is Iona Morrison.  She talks about her characters in her books like old friends.  I love how writers can have a conversation with a made-up character.  It’s a wonderful world they live in!

I often paint models, some I know very well and others I don’t know at all.  I decided to be like a writer and make-up characters as I paint.  It allows me to relate and connect to my subject in a whole different way.  I let my imagination sore as I create with my paintbrush.

This character I named Miss Maddie and I love her dearly.  She comes from South Africa and she is a compassionate, loving human being.  She is a peaceful woman full of grace and humility.  She’s the kind of person you just want to sit and talk to for hours.  Her life hasn’t been easy, she’s suffered many hardships, but it hasn’t made her bitter.  She’s a courageous soul.



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