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Artists are naturally captivated by the world.  They are observers of light, sound, color, people, movement…everything that’s going on around them.  On the one hand, it means they live in an amazing world filled with exciting new things to see and experience.  On the other hand, they also see and have to deal with the not-so-beautiful: poverty, pain, destruction, loss.

The only way to cope with this hypersensitivity to the world is for the artist to find a way to express what they are experiencing through a creative outlet like music, dance, writing, painting, etc…  Without this outlet, they go mad!

This abstract painting was inspired by my fascination with old things, peeling paint, rust.  When I first bought my camera, I was living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I went from town to town taking pictures of abandoned gas stations, water towers, trains, and old rusty things.  When you glance at a bunch of junk, you see junk.  But, when you stop and investigate, you can find amazing beauty.  Layers of vivid color, gorgeous textures, and interesting shapes that captivate and inspire.

I love being an artist, and what was once a curse (my hypersensitivity to the world) has become a gift.  I now have the ability to throw my emotions onto the canvas and process my experiences both positive and negative through art.  I continue to be totally captivated by the world around me and feel inspired by all of it. 


abstract oil painting, urban, industrial,


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    • Hi Donna! Glad you stopped by. I can spend hours in a junk yard photographing this stuff. It has it’s own beauty! Thanks for the comment!!

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