Lovely Mess

abstract oil painting, vivid color, texture, beauty

This is me, my life…it’s a lovely mess!  It’s colorful, textured, and full of beauty.  That’s often the life of a creative–messy.  When I was a child I was always in trouble at home for my messy room and at school it was my locker–it was terrifying!

As an adult, I’ve learned to manage my mess but I’ll never be one for making my bed (unless company is coming).  I think of it this way, I could spend time scrubbing floors and making sure that I have a spotless domain, or I could spend that time creating–I choose to create!

A perfectly ordered life offers no excitement for me.  It becomes a stress that I would rather not deal with.  I love it when my family decides to do something spontaneously, even though we don’t know how we’re going to do it.  It’s an adventure!  We wake up, it’s a beautiful day and we decide to go on a road trip.

My mind is messy too!  My thoughts go in a million different directions and I’m easily distracted (except when I’m painting).

Life is messy, but in that mess we can find so much beauty and adventure!


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