For a Moment

oil painting, nature, dandelion puffs, large gallery wrapped oil paintingFor a Moment close-upThis is personally one of my favorite paintings.  I don’t know if it’s because I love dandelion puffs, or maybe it because I’m longing for summer.  The idea came when I was looking for color inspiration for my bedroom at my local hardware store.  I brought home paint chips in various shades of green, purples, and golds and the next thing I knew, this painting was in the works.

It reminds me of childhood summers spent lazily picking yellow dandelions and stringing them together to make a necklace or placing them in my hair.  I remember making a wish and blowing the seeds into the air.

For a moment, I was a child dreaming and playing.  For a moment, the dandelions were perfect little balls of white.  For a moment, everything was perfect and then time moved on and the fragile puffs of white blew away and what’s left is just a memory.

So, with this painting, I’m mindful to live deeply, enjoying the beauty in the simple things because nothing last forever.


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