diptych, abstract figurative, large painting, surreal, contemporary artwork


This abstract, figurative, oil painting is called “Waiting” and it speaks to a place that my family is in as I write this.  We’re all waiting for something:  a promotion, a soul-mate, a check in the mail, a hope, a dream.   I’m not a patient person, I don’t like to wait, but there are times in life when waiting is not an option.

Waiting can feel like you’re out in the middle of nowhere, nothing is happening, no excitement, no one to talk to, it’s just nothing.  You’re looking into the distance trying to see if the thing you’re waiting for is on it’s way, trying to judge how long it’s going to take to arrive and frustrated with the whole process.

But, when I take the time to just relax and breathe, I realize that “waiting” can be a beautiful process and not just a frustrating one.  Waiting gives me time to ponder, to reflect, to be grateful.  Waiting can be full of anticipation, excitement and wonder.  Waiting makes you slow down and think about your priorities and figure out what it is that really want.

For me, this painting is about the beauty of waiting, longing, and hoping.




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