Solitary Warrior

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Solitary Warrior closeup (1 of 1)Everyone has a battle to fight, a personal conflict, something to overcome.  It begins at the beginning of life, these little wars that we wage.

We have a choice to make when these battles come to us.  We can become victims or we can become warriors.  We can say, “why me”, and focus on the negative, or we can stand and fight.  It’s simple really.

I’ve made both choices and becoming the victim never did me any good.  I can feel sorry for myself all day long, but it’s never resulted in a win.  

We have to find the courage in the midst of the circumstances to stand, to be strong, and to wage war.  Whether it’s our own personal demons, a health issue,  financial issues, etc… standing and facing our enemy will give us strength we never knew we could have.

Warriors don’t always win their battles, that’s the reality.  Victims, however, never win. Even if we lose the battle we can feel good about the fact that we gave it our best shot.  We were courageous and we have nothing to be ashamed of.  

I felt the warrior rising up in me as I painted this painting.  I’m currently facing my own battle, but I’m not going to let it get the best of me.  If you’re fighting a battle right now, have courage, you’re not alone.  

4 thoughts on “Solitary Warrior

  1. Hi Shelby. Very nice painting. Appreciate your post. I am going through something right now and your words of encouragement are helpful. No point in letting ourselves become victims based on emotional reactions to situations that are going to pass, or be resolved one way or another. Seems I am always relearning this lesson, and should know how to apply what I have learned, well I do, but after some meditative prayer and réorientation. As I said appreciate your post and your awesome painting.

    • Robert, thank you for your comment. I too am always relearning this lesson — war is never easy. Hang in there, this too shall pass!

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