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My paintings are becoming self portraits these days.  They almost seem to be a diary of sorts.  I’m throwing paint on the canvas and it comes out looking like me.  This one more than any other.

For the past several years, we’ve been renting a townhouse in Denver.  It’s been the perfect space for us.  We each have our own workspace and it’s in a great location–10 minutes to downtown, 15 minutes to the mountains. This year our landlord decided he wanted to sell.  Housing has become a valuable commodity in Denver, EVERYONE is moving here!  I’ve never seen so many apartments under construction in my life.  In the meantime, rents have skyrocketed and finding a house to purchase is difficult.  So, we decided it might be a good idea to just purchase the town home. we’re in.

Townhouse close-up (1 of 1)

We talked with our landlord and made a deal. Then began the process of the loan.  Everything was on schedule until we came to last week before close.  Two separate title companies came to the conclusion that this was a condo not a townhouse.  Ok, so what?  Well,  the FHA loan we were qualifying for wouldn’t finance the loan if it was a condo, but they would if it was a townhouse.  Crazy!

It’s been a bit of a nightmare, the past couple of weeks.  Not knowing if we were going to have to move or try to find something else in this crazy market.  We were feeling unsettled and stressed.  We’ve moved a lot, and all we wanted to do, was just stay here.

My husband, my hero, did a lot of leg work and came up with some legal documentation and a new title company and the powers that be have finally come to the conclusion that we can have the loan.  Yippee!!

All that to say, that’s what this painting is about!!!

Oh, and the best part:  I can get rid of these ugly beige walls!!   This painting is currently available! 30 x 30 x 1.5


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