Abstract Oil Painting ‘Making Marks’

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I’ve been painting purely abstract the last week or so.  Each time I’ve painted in silence, no music like usual.  In the silence, I’ve been listening to the painting, listening to my heart, and listening to the story that is being told with each stroke of the brush.

As I painted this one, I thought about the fact that painters are, in the basic of terms, just making marks.  I then I thought about how man has been making marks from the beginning of time when all he had was a piece of coal and a cave wall.

We have a desire to record what we see, what we feel, and how we experience the world.  Some make  marks with pen and paper others with fabric or clay.  Some make marks through drawing and others in journals, some in private and some publicly.  We want to leave something behind, we want to effect change, we want to be listened to and valued.  So we make our marks in a million different ways.

As I walk this journey as an artist, I’m trying desperately to release the voice inside me.  I want to express myself in new and exciting ways.  I want others to see my story and be affected by it.

How are you making your mark?  Is it a struggle, or does it come easy?   I think that often times, as much as we want to make our mark, we’re afraid to.  Will it be wrong?  Will others criticize what I have to offer?   So, we hide our expression, our world view, our own unique and wonderful voice.

Personally, I’m working on overcoming that fear of releasing my creative heart.  As an artist, I want the freedom to be “me” and to make my mark without any hesitation and without a care in the world.

One thought on “Abstract Oil Painting ‘Making Marks’

  1. Synchronicity! I’m looking at how I have “hidden” some of my marks and shown others. Letting go and painting what I want to paint instead of what I think I am expected to paint or what I expect myself to paint – or what I think some “other” outside myself thinks I should paint – it’s just some old tie to the notion of authority. And painting with you own voice is really about accepting and becoming and claiming your own authority.
    I recognize there is alway risk involved in creative expression. Is it easy? I think that it’s like going for a swim in the ocean in the middle of the hot hot summer – the hardest part is getting up the nerve to get your feet wet – then your legs – then letting the water hit your waist, but once you are all in, it’s pretty much enjoyable.

    Thanks for this post. I will think about the mark making – and painting non-objective abstract works. Nicely written!

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