Abstract Oil Painting ‘Layered’

abstract, oil painting, urban, industrial, contemporary

Our lives are so layered, complicated, deep and I can’t help thinking about it as I layer the paint on the canvas.  I move a dark layer on top of a light layer and I love the effect.  The beauty of the orange peeking through the dark layer on top.  I scrape with my pallet knife allowing more of the underpainting through.  A constant adding and subtracting.

The process of our lives is much the same.  As we move through our journey we encounter darkness, pain, wounding and then as time goes by we heal and some of the darkness gets scraped away–but not all.  Happy moments, bright colors are added on top of dark and the cycle continues.

The beauty I find as I go through this layering process is not only in the color but in the contrast between the light and dark.  Paintings that have little or no contrast can be boring and lifeless.  It’s when the dark gets pushed up against the light that things get exciting.

This painting isn’t smooth, it’s textured, just as our lives aren’t smooth sailing.  So, I think we need to look for every opportunity to add texture and beauty to our lives, otherwise, we’ll either end up with a boring, lifeless canvas or a canvas filled only with darkness.

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