Abstract Figurative Painting, ‘Separation’

abstract figurative, colorful,

This painting had a life of own, it just painted itself and I came along for the ride.  Each character emerged one at a time, but it wasn’t until the one on the right came into focus that I knew what this one was about.

Have you ever had a close relationship with someone or even a group of people?  You thought they really knew you, that they got where you were coming from.  You shared your heart and soul and then something happens and it’s like all of the sudden your worlds away from them.  You find that they really didn’t “get” you at all.  They never really knew your heart.

It’s difficult to feel like your on the outside looking in…separated.

Sometimes, I think it’s just a natural process.  You’re on your own journey and sometimes that journey will have you walk along side someone for a time, then your paths will go in opposite directions and you just have allow that to happen.  Say goodbye to those relationships and move on with your life.  You can’t always go where someone else is going and they can’t always go with you.

That’s what I saw in this painting, you may see and experience something completely different. What do you see?

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