Abstract figurative painting, ‘Along The Path’

abstract figurative, woman, long dress, beauty, contemporary figurative,

Along the Path

30 x 20

Oil on canvas

This abstract figurative painting reminds me of the Victoria Holt books I’d devour when I was a young girl.  Gothic, dark, mysterious and filled with romance and adventure…what every girl wants.

My favorite book as a young teen was “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte. I read it over and over again.  There was something in it that I completely related to as a young girl and I loved Jane dearly.

This seems to be a theme I return to over and over again in my work.  I feel empathy with my character. The heroine, alone, abandoned and dealing with unfair circumstances and cruel people who only want to see her fail.

I’m such a drama queen…

Do you gravitate to a certain type of story?  Do you ever ask yourself why you always read or watch a certain genre.  Do you feel certain attachments to the characters?  What’s your favorite story?

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