Abstract figurative painting ‘The Artist’

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The Artist

30 x 15

As an artist, I’m one to get paint every where and I do mean EVERY WHERE!  My husband comes home, looks at my face and says, “Shelby you have paint on your_____________”.   I have two groups of clothes hanging in my closet, the first: clothes with paint on them.  The second: clothes that will have paint on them.

One day, I was in the car with an artist friend and she looked over at me and said,

“Shelby, you have paint in your ear.”


I took a kleenex, wiped my ear and sure enough cadmium orange was on the tissue.  Then I took another swipe and another and it was like I had intentionally taken a loaded paintbrush and stuck in my ear!  I have no idea how that much paint there.

The other day, my husband went into the kitchen turned on the stove light and got paint all over his hand,

“Shelby, there’s paint on the light switch!”


I’ve tried.  I’ve really tried to be neater about painting but all my attempts fail.  I’m a sloppy painter!   The more freedom I feel and the more happy I am when I paint, the messier I get! Oh, well…

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