Pink Vase

flowers, still life, oil painting, botanical, romantic, pink


“Pink Vase”

14 x 11 x .5

Oil on canvas


After the last flower painting I decided to go to the local grocery store and pick up some more flowers.  I don’t know why, but I’m just in a floral kind of mood.  Maybe it’s because I can already see the leaves turning outside my studio window and I know that winter is just around the corner, or, maybe I’m in a sentimental, romantic kind of mood.  Whatever the case, I’m painting flowers!

Flowers have always been a challenge for me, I just haven’t been able to get a look that I’m satisfied with.  I’m happy with this painting, I think it will look beautiful when it’s framed, but I think I’m still searching for what “my” flowers should look like and if I should even paint flowers at all.

One thing about this I should mention,  as an artist, I’m “suppose” to create a body of work that looks the same and that shows a strong voice.  I’m working towards that, but I’m also giving myself permission to experiment and try new things.  I’m not ready to settle into one specific style.  My voice is there, but I’m not too concerned with every painting looking just like to the one that came before it.  I am striving to improve and find my own uniqueness.  Every once in a while I just have to try something new and see what happens.

For me, it’s not about impressing anyone or gaining recognition, it’s about enjoying the journey and allowing my work to evolve and grow in its own time.  For those of you that are following this journey, I appreciate the support and encouragement that keeps me moving forward and allows me to continue to grow.

For those of you at the beginning of your artistic journey, my advice would be:  don’t put pressure on yourself to be “successful” or to sell paintings.  Relax and create from the heart and in the end, I think you’ll be happy with what you have accomplished.

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