abstract figurative oil painting, fall, autumn, women, vivid color.


Oil on Canvas

18 x 18

The leaves started changing early this year.  Every day there is a little more color, yellow, orange, red, sprinkled across the city.  I find myself completely inspired by the fall colors.  Yesterday I picked up some lovely fall colors at the art store and now my pallet is filled with yellow, purple, red, olive green, orange, and brown.  I painting like crazy!  I can’t step away from the canvas, I’m having so much fun!

I’m happy for the inspiration, the past month has been difficult for me.  It’s been quite the opposite for me, I’ve had to drag myself to the easel and force myself to paint.  I just felt lost for a time.  It seems that has passed for the moment and I can enjoy the process once again.

For that I am very thankful.

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