End of Day

abstract figurative oil painting, sunset, warm colors, contemporary art, expressive, colorful


End of Day

Oil on Canvas

30 x 15

It’s been a long day, she’s worked hard and survived the chaos of the world around her.  It’s her time now.  A few moments of solitude where she can think her own thoughts and breathe a little.  The voices around her are silent for the moment, she hears only the sound of the wind and birds.  She walks along, clearing her mind of the clutter and the details of her busy life.  She’s free for the moment but only for a moment.

I’ve been so busy lately, hardly a moment to just sit and dream.  My mind is cluttered with all the things I have to get done, all the things I have to remember to do.  Oh, for a moment to just relax and breathe!

I’d love to jump inside the painting and take a walk!

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