Reaching Even Higher

abstract figurative oil painting, ballet, dancers, women, contemporary, expressive, performing arts,


Oil on canvas

18 x 14

Some people thrive on mediocrity, others strive for excellence, and still others strive for even more.  Not necessarily perfection, but something that pushes them past comfort zones, past what they imagine that they are even capable of.  I’m inspired and fascinated by these kinds of people.  The ones that exceed expectations.

What drives someone to push themselves to the brink, to become amazingly disciplined in whatever it is that they do?  In my opinion, it must be passion that drives them.  For the person who’s been in a terrible accident, it’s the passion to live and to walk again that drives them through the pain of rehabilitation.  For the race car driver, it’s a passion to exceed limits, overcome obstacles and take tremendous risks.  For the artist, a passion to wake up every day and push their art to the next level, an insatiable desire to create.  For a dancer, a passion to create movement, to express themselves through their bodies, to discipline their physical selves to do what they thought was impossible.

Wow!  So where does the passion come from?  Can you develop a passion that will push you past mediocrity?  Or are we born with certain passions and desires?

I don’t the answers, but I do know that I want to be that person that keeps reaching even higher!

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