abstract, portrait, vivid color, oil painting, contemporary artwork, expressive art

This painting is currently available

Oil on canvas

18 x 14


He looks towards the future and doesn’t think much about the past.  He get’s excited about what’s new and dislikes the boring mundane of the routine.  He’s a creative problem solver and can easily see the big picture.

Last week was such a challenge.  I have so many things that I need to do around the house and yet I desperately need to paint as well.  Each day I think, “Should I paint or should I clean out my closet?”, “Should I paint or straighten up?”.  The holidays are just around the corner and I feel the pressure to “get things done”.  Yet, I still need to work in my studio.

So, last week, I chose to paint most of the time, this week I hope I can accomplish some things around the house as well as getting a few paintings done.

If only I had a cleaning service…

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