abstract, portrait, colorful artwork, expressive painting, oil on canvas

This painting is currently available

Oil on canvas

18 x 14


This is part of a series called, “I”.

This is the second in a series of paintings that I’m doing called the “I” series.  For some time, I’ve been working on another series called “Tribal”, the idea of belonging to a community.  The “I” series, for me, is about the gifting of the unique person, each named for traits that begin with the letter “I” that I admire in others.

To me, this painting speaks of an individual with a burning desire to learn, to grow, to understand and to seek wisdom.  I love to see this kind of hunger in a person. It’s not about being a rocket scientist, it’s about a passion to learn.

On a personal level, I’m enjoying my time in the studio more than I have in a long time.  My trip must have had a greater impact on me than I had realized.  I thought I would come back and paint from all my photos, cityscapes and what-not. But, instead, I’m going a completely different direction.  It seems Paris inspired me in a whole different way.  Travel is good for the soul!

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