Me & You

Me & You


 Valentines Day has come and gone and my hubby and I are getting ready to take a romantic getaway.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have the relationship that I have with my husband.  After so many years of marriage we are more in love than ever.

As I painted this, I reflected about what has made our marriage so good.  Here’s a few things that I think helped us along the way:

1.   Don’t go to bed angry.  We pretty much have always worked talked through our problems.  Throughout our marriage, we’ve been able to talk, compromise, and work through our misunderstandings.  When we have an argument we don’t bring up a bunch of junk from 10 years ago (we’ve already dealt with that stuff).  We haven’t been sweeping stuff under the rug all these years.  Whatever the issue is, it’s right now, it new.

2.  Be quick to forgive.  Be quick to say “I’m sorry”.

3.  Laugh a lot.

4.  Marry someone you like.  Seriously, I don’t think everyone actually likes the person they’re with.

5. Understand that love isn’t just a “feeling”,  love is an action, a choice.  If you’re together for a long time, you won’t always feel “in love”, like in the movies or a romance novel.  There will be days and even seasons that you don’t get all mushy feeling about your spouse.  Then, it’s a matter of choosing to love that person.  Being kind and considerate to each other goes a long way.  If you show love during the hard times, passion will rekindle over and over again.

This painting comes from my heart.  It reminds me of all the layers and textures and colors that make up a life spent together.



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