abstract figurative, blue, water, colorful,


I’ve just returned from a wonderful romantic getaway with my hubby.  We spent a couple of days up in the mountains at a lovely, romantic chateau.  We needed a break,  time to relax and reconnect to each other.

Lately, we’ve both been stressing out about a multitude of things.  We were even stressing out about going on this trip.  Should we spend the money?  Do we really have the time to do this?  Should we be working instead?  We almost talked ourselves right out of going!

During the trip, I realized just how important it is to take time for ourselves.  When we’re tired and burned out we actually produce less. We become uninspired and start lacking focus.  For us, taking the time away has been incredibly beneficial.  It cleared our minds, energized us, and inspired us and now we’re ready to go back to work!

This painting is about rejuvenation.  I see her under the waterfall, allowing the stress and daily grime to just wash away. She becomes renewed and strengthened as she takes the time pamper herself.

Even if you can’t get away for a few days, do something to rejuvenate yourself.  Take a bubble bath, eat your favorite foods, take a long nap, whatever it takes to recharge your mind and body.

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