Different Points of View

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Two wood panels, each measures 30 x 24 x 1

Mixed media




One evening, I grabbed my sketch pad and began drawing this painting out.  I loved the idea of doing two panel and thought it would make an interesting painting.  As I worked I began to ponder the meaning and thought about the relationship of my figures.  I instantly thought about my Facebook feed, with so many different types of personalities, values, and mindsets.

Thanks to the internet and media, we are privileged to a million different points of view.  Everyone has an opinion, which is fine, I think, as long as you can respect that someone else may have a different point of view.

I see my figures looking at issues in completely different ways and yet they are able to remain friends.  Different points of views don’t send them running away from each other, they actually value the differences in their relationship. I think it’s a healthy idea to hang with someone who doesn’t think exactly the way you do about everything.  It causes growth!

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