Time to Dance

Time to Dance

This painting is currently available.

Mixed-Media on 1 inch deep wood panel

The sides are painted black

36 x 24 x 1


“Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor.”  -Jackson Brown


I’ve been using different materials in my work, allowing for more texture and interest.  This painting has several different underlying paper designs that peek through the layers of paint.  There’s also just a bit of gold leaf coming through.  I’m really happy with the process.

I have a love of old things, peeling paint and wall paper.  Years ago. I had some friends in Cincinnati that bought a very old house and restored it to its original glory.  On the old walls were layers of peeling paint and wall paper.  It was like the history of the home was stored in those layers.  I could imagine they moved in when the kitchen was painted pink, the kids were in grade school when the green wall paper went up. In high school, the wall paper was painted over with a warm yellow.  Someone new moved in and made it their own by painting it a new color.  It was all there, the memories of days gone by.

People are layered too.  Each new season of ours lives brings a fresh new coat of paint coloring us a certain shade for that moment.  As we peel back the layers, we start to see all the things that make us who we really are.  It’s a beautiful process and one that I’m totally fascinated with.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to put on your dancing shoes and dance!!

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