The Artisans



I find the world of the geisha fascinating and beautiful.  The word “geisha” can be translated in English as “performing artist”, “artisan”, or “artist”.  When we think of a geisha we usually think “prostitute” which really isn’t correct.  Although, there were those that did become prostitutes, it wasn’t what the geisha was meant to be.  She went through rigorous training in dance, music, poetry, and conversation.


These were strong, financially successful and independent women who were not subservient to men. They were skilled artisan, unique and beautiful.  I can’t help but be drawn to their elegance. 

It’s sad that some had to turn to prostitution to earn a living rather than being paid enough wages for her art alone. She should have been so treasured and well compensated that she never felt the need to give herself away.

 I think the geisha will always captivate and inspire me.  Perhaps, one day I’ll be able to go to Japan and see the modern-day version of these lovely creatures up close.  For now, I’ll just imagine the smell of cherry blossoms, the sound of their feet moving along the ground, and the site of their lovely silk kimonos.


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