Good Morning!

Good Morning


30 x 30 x .5

Mixed-media on wood panel


 Rooster #2!  I’ve been playing with fabrics to add interesting texture to my paintings allowing some of the print to show through.   I’m so happy with the results!  I’ve done three of these roosters and they are my favorite pieces at the moment.


The Director has been filming me the past few days.  He’s making a promotional video for my website and my online galleries.  It’s a little nerve wracking to be filmed while I’m working, I feel so awkward and self-conscious!!!  I’m putting my trust in him and hoping it turns out well, after all, he’s pretty good at this. I’m also hoping to get The Composer to write a lovely score for our little movie.  If he agrees, it will probably take several more weeks to complete.  Exciting!

As for our family transition, we’ve gotten some new insights this week and feel like the fog is clearing a bit.  I can’t wait to see what the autumn brings!

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