The Beginning of Something New

The Beginning of Something NewSOLD!

It’s been my experience that before something new happens, the old has to die off first.  I love autumn, it’s my favorite time of year.  I seem to have a special attachment to fall, maybe because it’s my birthday month.  I love the color, but more than that, I love the feeling of change.  My senses come alive with the first cold winds, the leaves swirling in the air, and the dark gray skies.  I thrive on change.  I always hated living in climates where the season stayed basically the same all year.

Autumn is a season of preparing.  We’re getting ready for the holidays, family gatherings, and lots of festivities.  It’s also a time to prepare for the coming winter, stocking up on winter socks and new sweaters. Change is coming and we need to get ready for it–it’s exciting.

A big change is coming in my own life and it’s not just the weather.  I’m preparing for it. I’m excited and a bit nervous, but I know I thrive on change. So, while the leaves outside my window are turning yellow and falling to the ground, I’m busy getting ready for the future.

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