Tall White Houses

Tall White HousesSOLD!

On our recent road trip to Philly and New York City, we were disappointed in the lack of fall colors.  I expected vivid reds and yellows but instead many of the leaves hadn’t turned at all and the ones that had were dull and brown.  I googled it, cause I google everything, and found some reports about too much water or too little during the year. Others mentioned a fungus that was damaging the trees and others sites talked about global warming.  It was a bummer.  I grew up in Ohio and I was so hoping to see the kind of autumn I had grown up with.

Another interesting thing about our trip was our time in Philly.  I’ve never seen so many row houses or what they call “twins” or “triplets”.  Twin is a house split down the middle forming two homes.  They were really cool and inspirational.

I hope you’re enjoying your autumn wherever you may be!

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