The Crazy

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It’s gotten so crazy so fast around here.  Yesterday, we had 3 showings on the house, today we have 5.  This is really good news if you’re trying to sell a house.  However, it’s been difficult and downright hectic.  We have to be out of the house during the showings and it makes it impossible to get anything done.  I know it’s just temporary but I also know that the next stage is going to be even more hectic.  Packing, moving and finding a place in NYC.

All I want to do is finish a painting I’ve had on the easel for weeks.  Truth be told, I may not finish it for a very long time.  I’m stressed…a little…no, a lot!  I know it will all work out, but the details are killing me. I just want to paint!!!

I believe this is all going to pay off in the end and that’s the very reason we’re doing it. Even though I believe, I still have to keep telling myself I’m not too old for this, I can do it, it will pay off, and everything is going to be okay.  Dreams are risky, challenging business.  They don’t just happen magically, you’ve to pursue them, you’ve got to work and even suffer to make them happen.  I’m not much into the suffering part but I really want our dreams to come true so I’ll do what it takes.

It’s funny, I’ve been reading articles about how to move to NYC and it’s always geared to young, single adults.  Never is their an article for someone my age, people my age don’t go to NYC and start all over.  Yes, they get transferred by big corporations along with their 401k’s.  Not us.  No, we’re like all those young ones with a dream of making it in the big city except we’re not young, we’re nearing 50!!

I guess no matter how old we get, we still like roller coasters, we still thrive on change, and we have to take the leap no matter the circumstances.  So, I’m fastening my seatbelt, taking a deep breath, and…

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  1. NYC is an incredible place to be. And you are not too old!! Enjoy the process even though it is frightening at times. I’m 75 and I’d do it in a flash if I could take my kids and grands with me. Good luck. Your work will be great when you get started again. Gert

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