We received an estimate from professional movers to get us to NYC. I was expecting as much as $4000 but was shocked when the estimate came back at $6300!  No appliances, no couches, no beds, just boxes and a couple of dressers and my easel.  Seriously, we are barely taking anything with us.  So, we’re moving to Plan B: U-Haul.  I hate to move. I’ve moved over 50 times in my life and this time I was definitely planning to have someone do it for me. I mean this is a tough move for a lot of reasons so I really wanted someone to handle this part of it.  Oh well, such is the adventurous life.

Anyway, I have no choice but to try to take as little as possible with me. Therefore, I’m offering a few painting at deep discounts during this time.

THREE GORGEOUS PAINTINGS – $500 per painting + $50 shipping (USA only).  If you’re interested, email me with the name of the painting and I’ll send you an invoice for the total. This offer is only good until January 3.

abstract figurative, gallery wrapped oil painting, vivid color,


24 x 36

Oil on canvas

abstract figurative artwork, blue, contemporary artwork, art for sale,

“Character Introduction”

36 x 24

Oil on canvas

A Long Journey

“A Long Journey”

36 x 24

Oil on wood panel


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