60 x 30 x 1.5

Mixed Media on wood panel

Once again, our house is under contract and this one looks good to go. We’re scheduled to close on January 28 which means we have a lot to do!

Sometimes, when you have a dream or you want something really bad, its difficult to get things started and that’s often the place where we give up.  It just feels too hard, nothing is happening and you feel like you’re trudging through mud. It’s kinda like a train engine that’s carrying a lot of cars. It takes a long time for the engine to get moving because of the weight it’s trying to pull, but once the train gains momentum, it’s difficult to stop.

Lately, I’ve felt like I was stuck in the mud, but now, things have begun to move and slowly but surely we are on our way!

This painting, “Momentum” is the last painting I will do in my Denver studio.  I’ll be packing up my paints  in the next few days and tearing down my studio. This piece is a reminder to me that although it may be hard to regain my momentum as an artist in NYC (after such a long break) I will eventually get there.

At first the thought of moving to a small apartment and not having any room to create scared me–terrified me in fact!  I thought I might lose all that I had gained (momentum), but now I’m feeling excited about the possibilities.  I’m looking forward to the excitement and creative energy that’s in New York City, I really want to part of it!  I’m looking forward to being inspired by the people, the landscape, and the other artists in the city and I know it’s going to grow me as an artist. I really believe it’s going to be an awesome adventure!

In other news, a guy from the moving company came to give us an estimate for our move this morning.  He spent more time looking at what was on the wall (artwork) than on the floor (furniture). I’m going to have to lower my inventory a bit more before we move, so I’ll be doing some special offers in the next few days.  Stay tuned!


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