Story Tellers

abstract figurative, contemporary art, vivid color,


Have you ever met someone who just knows how to tell a story?  It might be something from their childhood or something that happened yesterday, but they know how to make it come alive.

I love to listen to someone like that tell their stories.  My grandparents were story tellers, especially my grandmother.  When I was a child I spent hours listening to her talk about her childhood, the depression, the war, going to school, boyfriends, etc…  Her stories captivated me and made her life seem so full of color and adventure.

We all have stories to tell, some more exciting than others.  I think about telling my future grandchildren stories and I wonder if they’ll be as good as the ones my grandmother told.  Will my life feel as colorful and interesting or will they be bored with “grandma’s stories”.

That inspires me to live life, really live, so that I have something really awesome to talk about when the time comes!!

This painting is currently available.  You can purchase it by clicking the button below.

36 X 24 X 1.5


2 thoughts on “Story Tellers

  1. Shelby, one of my favorite professors taught a course on personal narrative and pointed out that we create ourselves through the stories we tell. You are already telling your grandchildren colorful stories through your paintings. And you are also inviting them to create their own stories through your paintings.
    I have a cousin who truly has the gift of storytelling – she keeps us mesmerized with her tales – and belly laughing – it’s truly amazing.

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